[Hot] Anker Solix plug-in-play energy solutions

Anker Solix Balcony Solution is a plug-in-play system with two solar panels and an inverter that can be plugged directly into any available power socket, instantly sending energy back to the grid while reducing the consumer’s energy bill. The Anker Solix unveiled

New Gigabit Ethernet Switches From Red Lion Simplify Configuration With Robust Performance and Security Features

NT5000 GIGABIT MANAGED LAYER 2 INDUSTRIAL ETHERNET SWITCHES Red Lion, a manufacturer of innovative technologies that empower industrial organizations to access, connect and visualize their data, introduces N-Tron® Series NT5000 Gigabit Managed Layer 2 Ethernet switches. As industries around the world digitally transform

RE-Source 2023 marks 7.8 GW PPA record but industry urges for barriers to be removed to reach EU net zero objectives

RE-Source 2023 Opening Session

Consistent growth of renewable corporate power purchase agreements (PPAs) proves that corporates are stepping up their commitments to the energy transition. But corporate energy buyers are calling on policymakers to use the EU Electricity Market Design (EMD) reform to remove the remaining

Energy harvesting from indoor light improves by 25 %

Dracula Technologies, a pioneer in energy harvesting through indoor light, announced a new generation of LAYER® OPV modules, with a 25 % performance improvement over the previous generation. Thanks to this significant achievement, customers designing indoor IoT devices, wearables, and any other component that

Energous elevates IoT wireless power networks to higher level of performance with 2W PowerBridge transmitter

Energous  launched a new 2 Watt conducted power transmitter, which addresses the growing power demands from the rapidly expanding IoT ecosystem across supply chain, logistics, retail, industrial and agricultural industries. The 2W PowerBridge transmitter doubles the energizing capability of Energous’ 1W transmitter